Our Eltham Artistic Recollections

From fire to flood, from gold mining to wheat harvesting, from the horse and buggy to the motor car and from Shillinglaw Cottage to the Eltham Library, Our Eltham — Artistic Recollections is a celebration of life in our Shire since the opening of the Eltham Cemetery more than 150 years ago.

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Depicting scenes of life in and around Eltham, this collection offers us a deeper connection to our area through a series of visual narratives of our past, our environment and our community. Historic photographs ignite an impression of what our forefathers may have witnessed during their lifetimes as pioneers before us, while indigenous flowers and plants symbolically connect us to life and nature in our local area.

The Eltham Cemetery Trust commissioned this project as part of its ongoing vision to offer our community a fresh and unique relationship to the Cemetery.

Our Eltham is a collection of panels that were collaboratively created by artist Nerina Lascelles and ceramicist Linda Detoma. The project was designed and constructed by Leigh Wykes with Australian stone and ironwork by Neil Carter. All contributors to this installation are residents of the Eltham area.

September 2017

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