Celebration Hill

Pre-constructed headstones and vaults

In recognition of 150 years since the establishment of the Eltham Cemetery, the trustees commissioned internationally recognised Montsalvat jeweller and sculptor, Matcham Skipper, to produce a work that would express a sense of awakening to life.

“Here the rare and endangered Eltham copper butterfly alights on a youth’s hand. The young man stands with boldness and certainty, challenging his future, yet his gentle interaction with the butterfly conveys a sense of wonder at the great cycle of life.The butterfly that alights at its beginning, stays a day, a week, or for many years, then flies away, alluding to the release and upward flight of the spirit.”

This contribution to the community of Eltham is in appreciation of the many volunteer trustees who, since the establishment of the cemetery in 1858, have sought to create a place of tranquillity in a peaceful natural environment. Here, one may have both an experience of contemplation and celebration of life.


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